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Hey Archer, you ever feel like you're on the Hunger Games? I'm not surprised if you feel like It's survival of the fittest right now. Pretty much every where you go it just feels like an uphill battle and you're feeling a little over it right now. Keep the faith, things will get better, do what you have to do to be productive rather than destructive. You might need to take some time out to look at what you're doing. You might need to change your routines or something in your system. Maybe you need to use your leadership skills because your desire to be at the front of things is strong.

Mid Month - You need to concentrate some of that powerful energy on home and family now. Show the ones you love the most your nurturing side with loads of snuggles and love... maybe even a nice home cooked meal. Ask for help where you need it and  it will be given. Just be sure that you lighten up and have some fun. Let your guard down for just a minute and be creative and childlike. Right now you can really afford to enjoy life and save the chores for another day.

Later in the month - Wax philosophical and contemplate the deeper things in life. Swim in the deep waters of your subconscious. Tune in to your intuition and let the psychic vibes flow. Intuition is the key to opening your third eye. Follow your imagination, let dreams guide you. Your impressions are more accurate because of your appreciation of subtleties. Vision is the word and you have it!

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