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Order your birth chart and see how your completely unique personality is described in the the stars.

Your chart will be totally interpreted planet for planet and sign for sign in a beautifully illustrated, printable and easy to read PDF.


Some times it's nice when life throws you a little curve ball. In your case little fish, your surprise comes in the form of a new and interesting person. This like minded pal will offer a perspective that is a little out of the ordinary which is fun if you are bale to go with the flow. Enjoy this unconventional and oddball relationship, it give you the freedom to express your weirdness and let your freak flag fly.

Mid Month - How nice it can be when love and affection are easy to express. During this period its especially good for you to enjoy the company of your nearest and dearest. It may seem impossible to O.D. on warm fuzzy feelings but try not to overindulge... go to bed at a decent hour ya goofball. Also during this time periodyour instincts to be affectionate will be especially strong towards, mothers, daughters, sisters and aunties... or any special women in your life. 


Later in the Month -  Pass times are high on your list of priorities right now. You want to spend time involved in your favorite hobby. If you belong to a club or an organization, volunteer for any activities that serve humanity. Also when you have extra time, you could reap huge benefits from restructuring your financial structures. Pay off any outstanding debts or create a new easier to adhere to budget for yourself. As you are going through all of the bills and investments, see if you can discover a way to start investing in your future. 

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