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Hey Libra freedom to express your individuality is what you want. This is emphasized because you are currently undergoing changes in your emotional and home life. These changes are likely to stem from feelings of contentment and happiness. Over all you are likely to be in a good mood. However, underneath the smiles you may also feel somewhat disgruntled about some things, which inspires your desire for change. Either way it is time to come to terms with your feelings about important areas of your life and then to let go and move on. Your insights are clear and accurate right now, and you have the ability to make personal decisions that enhance your own life and the lives of loved ones. You are likely to enjoy spontaneity and new and rewarding activities and people. Just remember the focus is on making changes that bring greater emotional satisfaction into all areas of your life.

Mid Month - With all the changes you have on your plate, this is a busy, unsettled time. You might be feeling over stimulated, as if you have too many choices. Maybe you're feeling like you have bitten off a little more than you can choose. Remember your goal, this can be a positive time to change bad habits, the universe supports you with the right energy. Just think of it this way, if you have been in a rut all this time, then this stimulation is necessary for growth. 

Later in the month -  So yeah, you might want to get ready for a roller coaster ride in your professional life. Things will be up, down and all over the damn place. Here again, change is the key in your career and this is a good time to take on new challenges. More than any other time discipline and endurance are required now. I know you want to grab the wheel but you gotta pull back and resist the urge to control. If there are delays, try to look at them as a gift or a reprieve from all the intensity. Just keep your eye on the prize kid you got what it takes to get what you want. 

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