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There is something a little different in the air for you this month dear Lion. The universe is granting you a rare occurrence in celestial alignments indicating a new and positive phase of your life. I think you may take this opportunity to make plans to study, travel, teach or publish something. Or if you are happy where you are, you may change your lifestyle to more truly reflect your own goals. Reassess it all honey and see what fits and what needs to go. As a result of your deep digging you may make changes in your life t reflect the new and improved version of yourself. 


Mid Month -  Time to begin new projects, you're tired of going over the same stuff. However, don't rush, be patient and take your time to really make sure you have everything you need. Pace yourself, pay close attention to detail and try not to get distracted by the bigger picture. Being observant if the best favor you can do for yourself right now. If you just blaze through trying to get things done you're likely to find yourself back tracking and starting over...again.


Later in the Month -  Stand your ground kid, you might come up against a little bit of conflict, be assertive and be freedom-loving. You are feeling pretty self assured right now, which I love, just try not to go over board and push people away. Above all seek peace and harmony when stating your beliefs. Find a way to get what you need and don't be afraid to compromise a little.  This is also an ideal time to focus on your marriage or finding a partner. You are magnetic and your partner is attracted to you like a moth to a flame. If there was a fight or anything... now's the time to forgive and forget. If you are single... you got all the milkshakes and everybody wants some. 

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