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Even if you are known for being a bit chatty, you haven't really had much to say latley. There is something spooky about a quiet Gemini. Really, it boils down to the fact that you are trying to choose your words carefully. Right now it is so important that you have diplomatic communication and you know it. There is something that requires delicate handling and logistics in your life and you want to be sure you have all the angles measured before you make a move. What others my not know is that you have reached a significant turning point in your life journey. You are leaving behind what may have been considered childish notions and you are going to proceed with honour. You'e coming out of the darkness and into the light and it's something you have been nursing this transformation for a long time. Step out...both of you (twins joke...check) and breathe in the light and exhale the past as you go into the new version of the old you.

Mid month - I know most of the time you'd rather think about your feelings than feel them. You are so smart and so intellectual that most the time you can think your way out of most situations. However, you are likely feeling some pretty big emotions right now. Whether they are happy feelings or not you prefer to keep your composure... and it's kinda hard right now. So basically, your best bet is to get some support from your loved ones. Maybe you can spend some time enjoying spiritual or artistic pastimes with them. If there were rifts in your relationships, this is a good time to heal them.  Have faith that all will be well.

Later in the month - You could be feeling a little impulsive. You want to do things to feel in control because everything feels so out of control. It's like everything feels so fast pace. Which is vexing to you. You are probably feeling plagued by 100 different little troubles, problems and irritations. Things are breaking, you can't find anything, nobody seems to be speaking the same language and its just frustrating as hell. This is where discipline and endurance are required. You really, really gotta resist the urge to control the chaos. Stand in the eye of the storm around you and accomplish what you can. When the dust settles and you yourself haven't been blown away, keep your eye out for a new opportunity to sustain yourself... I'm not saying that means a new job or anything.... but something good this way comes. 

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