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Sometimes it feels good to have a little pause in your social calendar it gives you the mental and emotional space to make sure your relationships are solid. However, as you are going through your friends list there might be a few names where loyalties may be questioned. Just remember as you are re-organizing your peer group that even Rome wasn't built in a day. If you are having strong feelings, address strong feelings especially if they are regarding personal and business partnerships but exercise patience. 

Mid Month -  Ok, now your energy is drifting towards social conversations. You are diplomatic and polite. You aren't interested in deep conversations at the moment, water cooler talk is just fine. Chances are that you are more interested in  Artistic and/or technical things. The reality is, the universe is asking you to network and create connections that will help propel you in the direction of your loftiest goals. Work on getting your name out there, let people know what you do and then later they will want to know more about who you are. Professional exposure is the name of the game!

Later in the Month - Something is up with you... there seems to be this nervous tension all around you that follows you everywhere. It's like you are on the verge of a humongous change. Like you are about to jump off a cliff and life is going to change in a major way. You might want to take a single step back before you jump and contemplate the deeper things in life. Others around you might take your contemplative nature as you being anti-social and it might feel a bit confrontational if they ask you why you are spending so much time in thought or why you're being unusually quiet. Don't take it personal. Just realize that they aren't in your head. Do your best to reassure them that everything is ok.

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