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Once in a while the universe gives you a rare chance to reassess your values, your main relationship and your finances. To put it in simple terms this is that window of opportunity wide open. You may have already been feeling like something has to change, and now the planets have arranged in a favorable way to shift and change things around. Now, it could be that on the other hand you may wish to consolidate things, tying up the loose ends in your life. If you are feeling reflective on the way that you have lived your life - your past loves, your dreams and your artistic and spiritual endeavors, I wouldn't be surprised. Go ahead dear Cancer, take the time to contemplate... and nothing more. Any action right now may prove frustrating, like banging your head against the wall. Meditation, prayer and other spiritual and creative things may serve to sooth.  All I can say is that you you may need to adjust your expectations of yourself and loved ones. Forgiveness and in some cases facing the facts may be just the thing to help you let love rule aspects of your life. 

Mid Month -   This can be a busy, unsettled time causing you to feel over stimulated, because it feels like you have too many choices. You might be feeling annoyed because it just feels like everyone is trying to make choices for you. Almost like you're the last person to have any say in what happens next.  As much as it seems counter intuitive, you might find that this can be a positive time to change bad habits.  Maybe if you focus on spending time with unconventional and interesting people, you may feel this give you the chance to express your individuality. 

Later In the Month - So if you have hobbies, clubs and groups that you belong to they may demand much of your attention now. This is good because you can build networks and co-operate with other like minded people. Direct your energy wisely and carefully focus your time in areas of interest that can offer you an opportunity to contribute to the wholeness of the world. 

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