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Wham, Bam, Thank you Ram! The beginning of the month has you in the mood to  consolidate. ,repair and re-structure. Your sharp eye will be focused on financial matters, getting the ledger balanced. You are ready to move forward and make some solid plans. You ever hear the old saying - Physician heal thyself, this is just what you need. Some self healing, time to process old gunk so you can flush it outta your system. Also, this is a time for spiritual discovery, which will really help to heal past events and clear the way forward.

And the universe might bring an exciting creative person or project your way.You'll probably want to resist because you don't like things to be unpredictable. Go with the flow.


Mid Month -  I know you want to get things done - like yesterday - but remember darlin' slow and steady wins the race. Take your time, don't rush what's coming. You would do well to establish good relations with those in authority, especially if your happy future depends on it.( No this is not ass kissing, it's strategy.) 

You will also be hit with a wall of emotions as it concerns a relationship in your life. You get the whole damn burrito -Love, pain and everything in between! This is a time of healing my friend, make the extra effort to heal rifts and direct your energy more positively. This doesn't mean you are losing... it means everyone wins. The key is effective communication, talks, calls, even smoke signals if that's what it takes. If you can come to an agreement, you might find that the rewards will surpass all the pain of getting to the finish line.The need to make connections (transport) and exchange something. Agreement The rewards will be bountiful.You want to run away to a galaxy far, far away because let's face it, negotiations are never easy... just hang in there kiddo it will get better. Trust that your mighty efforts toward resolution won't go unrewarded.

Later in the Month - To say you're done with the same old same is an understatement you yearn explore new and exciting thoughts, places and people.I say go ahead! This a great time to make some adjustments and spread your wings and fly.  Be careful to take extra care of your emotional needs. You might suffer from overstimulated feelings,  which may be caused by a potentially stressful interaction with a female. A pause in your calendar may give you some time for reflection and help you reassess your friendships and more serious relationships. IT's kind of gonna be tough Aries, you may see that loyalties are questioned. You are very sensitive this period, your intuition is on point and you will be feeling things more keenly than usual. Your dreams are likely to be vivid, delivering guidance messages for your waking life. Your shifting, something is coming alive in you again and you are changing in subtle ways. You are something like the butterfly that is emerging from it's cocoon. Don't fight the process, trust that as the world opens to you, your vibration matches the new view. 

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